Exotics & Avians

Sometimes the hardest part about choosing a veterinarian for your avian or exotic pet is simply finding one. Finding a veterinarian and establishing a good relationship with him or her are perhaps two of the most beneficial things you can do for your exotic pet.
The anatomy and physiology of birds, reptiles and small mammals, are quite different from other pets. They require specialized care administered by a qualified veterinarian. We have full diagnostic and treatment capacities for our exotic friends.
The instincts of birds and exotic pets are different from other animals. Birds mask symptoms to avoid showing signs of weakness to predators. Early detection of diseases and problems are difficult to see and are important to recognize. At Deer Park Animal Hospital, we recommend new bird and annual health examinations.
These visits give us the opportunity to examine your bird fully, undertake any minor procedures (nail, beak and wing trimming) and discuss important aspects of husbandry, nutrition, behavior and disease prevention. It also allows us to familiarize ourselves with each individual bird and their owners.
Different types of birds and reptiles react differently to certain medical procedures. We're knowledgeable about specific treatments that work for your particular species of these pets.
If you are a new owner of a bird, reptile or small mammal, it's likely that you have many questions about what to look out for in a veterinarian that treats these animals. We'll be happy to provide clear answers to all your questions. Call us for an appointment with your avian, reptile and small mammal pet today.